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Hi! I’m Emilie

Photographer, Educator, World Traveler

Big World Photography

Big World Photography is more than just photography; it’s a way to relive precious moments over and over again.


Hey there! I’m Emilie! I started Big World Photography so I could capture all of life little moments that make up this big world. I quickly realized that my favorite stories to tell were love stories. I love the fact that love knows no boundaries. Whether you are from the United States, Japan, or New Zealand, love is always present. It is a large presence, one that makes you want to climb to the tallest mountain and shout it to the world. It has the power to make you forget all of your troubles and just be in the moment with someone that knows you fully inside and out. Love is Pure.

When you live through moments such as your wedding day or elopement, they go by so fast. Afterwards your left with some beautiful memories that you try desperately to hold close and not let slip away and become hazy. My job is to take those moments an capture them forever, so you can relive that magical feeling over and over again. 

I love photographing couples who are in love. I love romantic stories that seem impossible and are infused with fate. Love is so powerful it can change the course of your life forever in ways you never thought imaginable. This is the kind of love we all live for, and as a photographer of love I not only get to witness so many of these beautiful stories but I also get to capture them in a way that tells the unique story of the people in front of my lens.

There is something so magical about waking up before the sun comes up and hiking to the top of a mountain to proclaim your love to the person that keeps your world spinning. These are the moments Big World Photography was created for.

Wedding and elopement photography is not my only passion however, I also love adventure and travel. I base my entire life around it, and every day is a new adventure. That is why I love meeting other people that share my love for travel adventure. You can follow my personal adventures on my travel blog! 

I am planning the ultimate U.S. adventure and I want you to be a part of it! I am now booking elopements and intimate wedding packages all over the US starting in January 2020. There is no set rout as of yet, so anywhere is fair game! If you are interested in booking Big World Photography for your adventure wedding or elopement please get in touch with me, because I would love to meet you!

Happy Clients

“I’m so glad I went with Emilie for our wedding photographer. Emilie was very professional yet down to earth. We felt very comfortable with her. She always responded to emails/texts within 24 hours and she provided a very specific and detailed itinerary for the day. She was also very friendly towards our guests. Some of our guests even commented on how nice she was. *Most importantly, she is a very talented photographer.* Her photos are stunning and the style is exactly what I was looking for. Also, our wedding was incredibly windy and freezing cold but she maintained a smile throughout it all. Highly highly recommend!!” -Laura Jeter

Emilie did such an amazing job at our wedding last weekend! She is so fun, creative, and exciting to work with!! Thank you so much for your hard work with our wedding and engagement photos! We will definitely treasure them for a lifetime! -Jenna

Our wedding was in December, 2017 and Emilie did a fantastic job! She worked hard to get our must have photos and was very flexible in fitting things in! She was professional and has such a creative style. We are SO happy to see how our photos came out. Finding a wonderful photographer was such an important aspect of wedding planning and we are so thankful to have had Emilie. I didn’t have to worry about anything and just enjoyed the party while she snapped away and caught such precious, beautiful moments <3 thank you, Emilie! I will be sure to refer my friends! -Nichole Fish

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