Big World Photography

Big World Photography is more than just photography; it’s a way to relive precious moments over and over again.

I’m Emilie, the creator of Big World Photography. I specialize in all types of photography such as wedding photography, all kinds of portraits, nature and travel photography.

On your wedding day you don’t even realize how many precious moments you miss out on while your living one of the most exciting and magical days of your life. That is why having a good photographer to capture those raw candid moments is so important. Then you can relive them over and over again, knowing you never really missed them!

I love wedding photography because there is no other day full of so much love and happiness. Even though you may hire me for your wedding day, I still feel the emotion that fills your day; sometimes I’ll even tear up as you walk down the isle.

Wedding photography is not my only passion however. I love all styles of portraits and specialize in family, graduation, senior photos, and headshots. Whatever portraits you may need, Big World Photography has got your back!

On the personal side I started big world photography because of my love for travel and nature. These are the things in our big world that are already there that you just need to go out and experience and they will always be beautiful and ready to be captured. Check out my galleries or my blog for more about my adventures around our big world!