My Top Ten Favorite Images of 2019

My Top Ten Favorite Images of 2019

My Top Ten Favorite Images of 2019
December 31, 2019
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Another year passed means another year lived. 


T​his year was no exception. In fact, I lived my life so absolutely for the last year and a half, sometimes I get mixed up on what actually happened this year.


Last year I took the leap of faith and flew to the other side of the world. With nothing but my Camera and my back pack. I have pretty much been traveling since.


The best part of my new life of travel, is the pictures. So, without further ado, here are my top ten images of my life in 2019.



1​0. The sheep of Castlepoint, New Zealand.

T​his Castlepoint, became my favorite place visited in New Zealand, where the mountains meet the sea the lighthouse will guide the way. I loved exploring all the different hikes in this little spot, but the sheep were what made New Zealand so special.


This shot is my New Zealand experience in every way, dark and cloudy, green beautiful landscapes dotted with so white sheep.



9​.Castlepoint Sunrise Hike. New Zealand.


Since this was such an incredible place, another gorgeous image came out of it.


G​ettingup before the sunrise to hike up the side of the steep mountain was such a rewarding experience. The hike was the perfect length, and we were able to do it in the dawn light.


At the top we could watch the clouds roll in over the mountains. For this specific image I set up a tripod and was actually able to snap it within the ten-minute window of actual sunlight, which made it all the more special.




8​.My beautiful cousin and her fiance.


S​ometimes beautiful photographs and memories don’t have to come from far away places. I am now spending a two-month stint at home with my family. I was lucky enough to get the chance to photography my cousins engagement shoot at the beginning of my stay.


T​his photo makes the top ten not only because of my emotional and familial ties, but also because I was able to experiment a little more with them and as a result we got this as a result!





T​o be honest, I took this photo today. I found the bow tie in my moms drawer and knew it was photo shoot time. Brian of course, put his big smile on and was the perfect puppy model for me.


The reason I am including it in the top ten, is because something special has happened to me during my time at home. I have fallen in love with this amazing creature right here. This photograph is one of many and many more to come.




6​.Rochelle and Bryl’s Elopement. Te Mata Peak, New Zealand.


H​aving the privilege to photograph such a gorgeous elopement was a highlight of my year. Everything around this photo fell into place perfectly and who could ask for a better location?


The photo says it all.




5​.Sunflower fields. Australia.


T​his is a big fat check on my bucket list. I have always dreamed of running through the sunflower fields with the happy flowers towering over me.


Surprisingly enough I got to fulfill that dream in Australia, making this photo that much more special. Sunflowers ended up becoming a theme while I was in Australia and have become a symbol of my life to remind me to be happy and always strive to stay on the bright side of life.




4​.The mountains of Hawaii, USA.


I​ never would have guessed I’d make it to Hawaii on this trip. It was one of those instances where everything worked out so perfectly it’s as if it were always meant to happen. That’s the best part about traveling with flexibility. The universe always has a way of lining up just right to give you experiences far greater than anything you could have planned up yourself.


T​his photo is a product of that awesomeness, also I may be slightly obsessed with cloudy Oahu mountains.




3​.The Manta. Yasawa, Fiji.


F​iji was not my first run in with mantas but it wasone of the most memorable. Fiji’s crystal clear waters made me want to spend the majority of my trip below the surface, and for the most part, I did.


The day I got to follow this guy around the bay and then out into open water right on his tail, was unforgettable. It was like we were gliding through the water together just him and I.



2​.The field of lights. Uluru, Australia.


So many emotions that surround this photograph. Not only is it a beautifully crafted photograph of the field of lights with the early dawn stars still in the sky and Uluru in the background, but it’s also a photograph that speaks a million words to me.


I​t tells the story of love, photography, and one of the best 24 hours of my year.




1​.The Tree. Coonabarabran, Australia.


In 2019, I​ spent the majority of my year in Australia, so it’s only fitting for my number one favorite image of this year to have been taken there. This photograph is by far one of my best night sky shots, (besides the one above of course) but that is not the only reason it’s number one.


T​he tree is why this picture is my absolute favorite. This tree was discovered on the last trip I took in Australia and was enjoyed with one of my favorite people that I’ve met on the road. It’s one of the most amazing experiences when you can enjoy nature with another person in the way that we enjoyed this beautiful night in the middle of nowhere in NSW. Now you can enjoy it too!


P​hotographs are moments frozen in time. They are memories and stories that we relive every time we see them. These photographs are my life, my story, and they are what make up this big world. I can’t wait to see what beautiful memories I create in 2020!

About Me

Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Family Mini Session

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Family Mini Session

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Family Mini Session
November 22, 2019
Family | Photography



Getting the whole family together for a picture session can feel daunting and chaotic, especially if you have little ones. Here are a few tips that you can implement when your preparing for your family session, that will help the whole thing run little smoother. 


  1. Be Punctual. Mini sessions are short and simple, which makes it easier to focus on getting the family together and keeping them focused, but also means you have less time for dilly dallying.


It is important to show up to your mini session just a little before your scheduled start time in order to get everyone round up and ready to hop in front of the camera. The quicker you can jump into shooting the more time you will have actually getting pictures taken.



  1. Coordinate your outfits, don’t match. There is a difference between looking good as a family in coordinated clothes and looking like “The Brady Bunch” on holiday with matching T-Shirts.

When you go to select your outfits try and select varying shades and colors that compliment each other. White is always a classic go to and you can always throw some gold or other natural tone to mix it up a bit, especially for Holiday sessions!


  1. Dress for the weather. If your shoot is outdoors, it is important to keep the weather in mind when you are planning your outfits. Sweating or shivering doesn’t tend to make for the most flattering images.



  1. Bribery isn’t always bad. Mini sessions are great when you have young kids with short attention spans, but sometimes it still helps to give them a little more incentive.

Promising a treat if they behave during the shoot can help them go just a little bit longer, so you can get the most of the session. It could also be fun to go out as a family for some ice cream after a successful shoot.




  1. Kids will Be Kids. With that being said, kids are sometimes uncontrollable, but that’s what makes them kids right? Enjoy their goofiness and laugh along with them, because that’s what will give you those killer candid moments that everyone loves to remember!


Hopefully this has helped you feel more prepared for your upcoming mini session. Everything else aside the most important tip I can give you, is to relax and remember to have fun!

The best photos are the ones that aren’t planned and posed. It is important to keep the mood light and enjoy the time you are spending with your family. If you focus on simply being with your family, enjoying their company, the photographer will take care of the rest!

About Me

Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker