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been there, done that, now…


  • I know what it’s like to take on planning a huge endeavor that your super stoked about but also have absolutely know idea where to start. I know that with MY knowledge and YOUR ideas that we can make your dreams a reality as a TEAM.
  • I am super close with my family but I also LOVE adventure. I know this can be a struggle when wanting to have both the elopement but also share the moment with those you love most, I’ve got you’r back and can help you do both!
  • Decision paralysis is a real thing and I experience it ALL the time. Choosing where to go to elope can be a HUGE decision, one thing I’ve learned about decision making, is that a little guidance can make the process a whole lot easier. I’m here to give you that guidance and I know some absolutely EPIC locations to say I DO, so that’s one decision you don’t have to stress about.
  • Often when traveling things go wrong, it is to be expected. But with my extensive experience as a traveler and a travel agent I am prepared for anything and ready to make sure your elopement day goes down without a hitch!
I’m ready for stress free planning ⟶