How to Unpose – The Secret to Authentic Photos
November 13, 2020
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I​f you are not a model, the thought of being in front of a camera can be daunting enough, trying to act natural on top of that is basically impossible. There are a lot of guides out there that will tell you how to “pose like a pro” for your photos but in this guide I am going to help you learn how to “unpose”.


W​ould you rather spend your wedding day having orders barked at you from someone with a camera telling you to hold your hands and tilt your head, OR spend it creating real and authentic memories that can be captured to tell the story of your love; as a result letting you relive your favorite moments for years to come?


P​ersonally I would prefer the latter, but you may be wondering how in the world are you supposed to be natural and candid in front of a camera? Here are a few things to keep in mind when taking pictures that will guarantee a natural flow to your photography sessions and give you images you will fall in love with over and over again.




M​ake sure you are touching

S​o many times I have couples show up to their photo sessions and act as if they are afraid to touch each other. If you’re not a PDA person, I get it, but now is not the time to be shy. The camera and I will not judge we will eat up all of your displays of affection.

T​hroughout your session be conscious to be touching your partner. Hold their hand or rest your head on their shoulder. When hugging make sure you get close, this isn’t a middle school dance there is no three finger rule!

T​hink about how you would naturally touch your partner when you are home and want to display your affection. The real trick here is pretending the camera is not there and focusing only on your person in front of you and how much you absolutely adore and love them.


About Me

Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker


M​ovement is key


W​hen it comes to any kind of modeling this is a golden rule. Often times when we are put in front of a camera we get really stiff and feel as though we need to freeze, but it’s not the 19th century anymore folks! My camera is more than capable of freezing motion way beyond you moving your hand or turning your head.


B​e fluid with your motion as if you are simply acting as you would behind closed doors. Hold your partner, sway with them, tuck a stray strand of hair behind their ear, kiss, adjust yourself as much as you want, these actions that are so natural in life are what create natural looking snapshots. The goal of a photograph is to freeze a moment in time, not capture and already frozen moment.


One of my favorite things is to have my couples dance together. Dancing can be extremely intimate or it can turn out to simply be super fun and ends in laughter. The best are the twirls, spins, and dips!




Say I love you


An excellent way to creating real authentic moments is to remember why you are having photos taken in the first place. Think about how much you love the person standing in front of you. Think about why you love them. Tell them that. It’s important to voice your emotions during your session it will deepen the connection you have with each other and bring out those raw feelings of love that translate so well to your photos.



D​on’t forget to smile!

I​’m not talking about the say cheese kind of smile, I’m talking about the kind of smile that takes over your entire face no matter what you do. The smile that reaches all the way to your eyes. Think about what is actually happening in these moments. You are celebrating your love to your favorite person on earth, you are promising forever to them, now does that not put a smile on your face?



Laugh often


W​hat’s the saying? Live fully, Love Fiercely and Laugh often? Yeah, apply that here. No, but seriously, what is life without laughter. Tell jokes to each other, now is the perfect time to whip out those inside jokes that only you two know about and make you laugh without fail.


It’s also fun to get a little dirty. Sometimes, I’ll have my couples whisper something dirty or naughty in each other’s ear, and without fail it always ends up in a laughing fit that results in some of the most beautiful, fun and genuine photos of the session. Couples who laugh together stay together!




Have Fun!


T​he most important thing is to have fun and really focus on being in the moment. Most of my previous points have already stated this but it is the basis to good photos. If you are enjoying yourself throughout the session, your photos are bound to be amazing.

F​inal tip

C​hoose the right photographer


I have said this before in past writings, but I really cannot stress it enough. You want to choose a photographer who you feel 100% comfortable with. Try to find someone that you could literally see yourself hanging out with in general, it will guarantee you feel confident and comfortable in your photos so you can have the most real and authentic moments as possible!

About Me

Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker