Nick & Izzy’s Australian Outback Engagement

Hermidale, Australia, total population 131 people, is the definition of the middle of nowhere. But love exists in all places, even here. During my stay here, I have gotten to know this beautiful couple, Izzy and Nick and have seen love at work. When I found out they were engaged it was only a matter of time before we set up a date to shoot. We had such a blast, and I am so grateful to meet such wonderful people (even way out here) that are not so different from myself.

I was extremely moved by their story, as it is something I used to imagine for myself before I met my other half. I was lucky enough to get the story strait from Izzy:

“I was working behind the bar at the hostel that I worked at in Kampot. I saw him on the other side and found him sooooo cute. He was the first man I actually found attractive in so long. I don’t know how many shots of Jameson I had, but every time I tried to talk to him, I had to take another. Finally, at the end of the night, I went on the other side of the bar and told him, clumsily with my drunkin shy voice, “I just want to tell you, you are really gorgeous.” After that everything changed. He changed his travel plans including canceling his flight to stay a few more days with me. Then he went back to Australia for a few week and I went back to Canada, but that wasn’t goodbye. He quit his job and left everything behind to come live with me in Quebec and travel together, and the rest was history.”

Their story is just further proof that love has no boundaries and is meant to be celebrated. It can completely rock your world and change your path in life, but it’s all worth it.


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  1. We have been blown away by the quality of Emily’s talent. She made it look so easy and natural. She knows exactly how to use the light and the environment surrounding to create the perfect shot. We actually had so much fun doing the photoshoot and it’s mostly because she creates that atmosphere. We had a professional and friendly service that we can only recommend! Absolute genius photographer!