What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos
May 30, 2020
Engagement Photography


C​ongratulations! Your engaged! The proposal was easy since you didn’t know it was coming… but now it’s time for the real announcement, the engagment photos. Most likely your planning on using these for your save the dates and to tell the world the amazing news, so you want them to be perfect. If you’re anything like me that means ransacking your closet your, best friends closet and then buying a whole new outfit because nothing is good enough.

S​o to help make it a litle easier here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect outfit for your engagement session.



C​hoose something that makes you feel comfortable

If you never wear dresses now is not the time to try it out! Since being in front of a camera can feel uncomfortable to begin with you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your own clothes as well, so make sure you choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and represents you and your style. After all y​ou know your style better than anyone, and chances are you also know your fiance’s style best as well!


C​oordinate with your partner

T​he key word here is coordinate so no “matchy-matchy”! Choose outfits that compliment each other and are in the same general style. You can even choose a theme for your engagement photos such as formal, vintage, or casual. Most importantly, make sure you are on the same page, the last thing you want to do is show up in a beautiful red dress while he’s wearing shorts and a t-shirt. (Honestly, he probably shouldn’t be wearing shorts and a T-shirt at all!)


Consider The Backdrop

T​he location of your engagement photos can do a lot to determine what kind of outfit you wear. What will the backdrop to your photos be? You can compliment the setting with the colors, patterns and fabrics you pick for your outfits. When photographing in nature settings it is really fun to pick colors that really pop against the background such as red in a forrest or blue in the red rocks of Sedona.




Dress for the Season

C​onsider the time of year your engagement photos will take place. Temperature is one important aspect of this because you don’t want to be wearing spaghetti straps in the snow, but it also comes down to the look and feel of the season. Fall photos will have a much different look than summrtime photos, resulting in a summer dress vs jackets and boots in the fall.




Show Off Your Best Assets

I​f you have specific features of your body that you like better than others make sure you choose an outfit that accentuates that. On the contrary, if you are lacking in a certain department don’t pick an outfit that emphasizes this. If you want to appear to have a smaller waist than wear a dress that flairs out at the hips, or if you’re like me and a proud member of the IBTC then maybe it’s not the best idea to wear something with a plunging neckline! Also, keep in mind what colors that compliment your skin tone!




Consider More than One outfit

O​utfit changes can be a great way to get the most out of your engagement photos. If you really can’t decide between a dress or a pants and top ensemble then choose both! However, make sure you have the option to change with the location you have chosen otherwise things could get a little awkward… If you don’t have that option, another way to still get that multiple outfit look is to take advantage of layering!




Accessories Are Your Friend

N​othing ties an outfit together better than the accessories, so don’t stop at the clothing pieces. Make sure you choose the right shoes for your outfit and maybe add in a statement necklace or that hat you’ve been dying to wear!


U​ltimately, you are in control on how your engagement photos look. Your outfit will play a huge part in the look and feel of your photos and is defintely important, but don’t over think it. Choose something that represents you and your relationship and there is no doubt you will be happy with the result!

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