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I’m Emilie, and I created Big World Photography Students for photographers just like you!


Believe it or not I actually began my journey into photography because of a jewelry making class… I know random. It all started back in high school when I was placed in Mr. Jenkins jewelry making class. I loved him as a professor so much, the next year I signed up for his photography class. From then on I was hooked. I took two more of his classes and went on through college pursuing photography. I’ve had over 10 years learning and mastering my camera and it’s settings. Now I want to be YOUR “Mr. Jenkins” and share my love of photography by teaching you what I have learned, so you can be a master too!


I offer many FREE tools to get you on track to mastering your camera as well as one on one online coaching! 

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The #1 Guide You Need To Start Taking Better Photos Right Now

 Do you get excited when you take new photos, and can’t wait to go look at them on your computer, only for them to fall short of your expectations when you do? Do you wonder why your photos don’t look like the ones you see on your feed, that you are longing to take? Then this guide could just be a push that you need to start creating beautiful photos that will have people slowing their scroll for YOUR pictures! 

What Do You Say To Some One-On-One?

If you are anything like me, then you understand that there is great value in being able to get advice and teaching from an actual person. I love to ask questions, and despite what they might say, Google does NOT have all the answers. At least not when I’m the one asking the questions….

That is why I decided to start one on one coaching, for those out there that need a something more than just a bunch of text to really grasp the intricacy of taking beautiful photos.

When you sign up for coaching with me you automatically get your first 30 minute coaching call for FREE! This is used for me to understand where you are at in your photographic journey so I can tailor a program specific to you. Helping you achieve your photographic dreams quickly and easily, without all of the unneeded fluff of a generalized course.

If you think this might be just what you’ve been looking for, then I would LOVE to hear from you!

Enter your name and email address below, and we can get started!

Personalized sessions start at only $100!

Take the first step

To mastering your camera

When you become a Big World Photography Student you are taking the first step to mastering your photography skills and taking the photos you’ve always dreamed of taking! Take a look at what having a private photography coach would look like.

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Coaching Call

First step is to figure out where you stand on your learning journey! We will kick it off with a FREE 30 minute call to discuss what you already know and what new skills you want to focus on learning. Then we will schedule your lessons to fit your schedule so you can learn on your time! 

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live online classes

Using an online platform we will go through lessons tailored specifically to you and your needs. You will be able to ask all of the questions you want as well as get feedback on your work! Your lessons will be a combination of video and voice calls as well as power point sessions. Since this is a personalized course you choose how you want to learn! 

the possibilities are endless

Topics that I teach

I know a lot but not everything… yet! I offer coaching on mastering your camera in manual mode as well as how to perfect composition, I can even help you decide on what camera to buy! One of my personal favorites is editing and how to use the adobe suite (lightroom, camera RAW, and photoshop) to take your post processing game to the next level!

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Still have questions? No problem! I’d love to answer your questions so you can see if this is the right move for you. Fill out the contact form or you can contact me directly using the information below!

Email: emilie@bigworldphotography.com

Phone: (727) 748-6484