Your elopement is so much more than


Be yourself

Things my couples say…

“I have never felt more comfortable or confident in front of a camera.”

“Allowed us to be completely ourselves in front or her lens.”

“I felt like we were old friends”

Just be yourself

I’ll do the rest

Your elopement is not about sticking you in a bunch of awkward poses and taking pictures for hours.

It’s about embracing who you are and letting your authentic self shine through, and being fully present in the moment while I simply capture the moments as they unfold. Sounds pretty easy right?

It’s a big world

made of small moments


The big moments of your elopement day will be easy to remember, it’s the little in between ones that you will forget. The gentle ease in which your partner tucks a strand of hair behind your ear, or the way you look at each other when you think nobody is looking.

These are the moments that really tell the story…

What does it look like to elope with


All the answers to your


NO! The amount of hiking or adventure is completely up to you! There are so many stunning locations that are simply a short stroll away.

You are you, embrace it! But I promise you wont think you look awkward and shy in your photos, just be yourself and the rest will come naturally. Every couple in these photos is a real couple just like you, with insecurities and real emotions. I aim to inspire and guide you on your wedding day so you feel empowered to be yourself while capturing your authentic essence along the way!

You will spend the day celebrating your love for each other and enjoying each others company, while doing things you love to do. I’m simply there to document and guide you along the way. I’m in the background but your the main event!

I approach my work with a best friend mentality. Building a connection with my couples is crucial to capture authentic moments. The more comfortable you feel, the more genuine your photos will be.

Your elopement is about you and your partner, which means it only needs to be as adventurous as what YOUR comfortable with. There is no standard to how crazy of an adventure you must go on for your elopement, maybe your choosing to elope so you can simply have some quiet time surrounded by the beauty of nature, and thats OK!


Follow along in the adventures of @bigworldphotography and see where this world takes us!