Bus Build Supplies

Bus Build Supplies


I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what supplies we’ve used for our bus build so I thought I would make a little cheat sheet to help share what we are using throughout the build! You will find the most recent videos links at the top! I hope this helps for anyone looking to build a bus of their own! 


Bus Build

Diy Bug Screens


We build our own screens for the bus and anyone can do it as it is quite easy! Here are the essentials you will need! 


Corner Pieces 


Screen Frame

Spline Tool

Spring Clips for Insert Screens

Bus Buld

Painting The Bus

The biggest project of the entire build was painting the bus and I think the reason it came out looking so good has a lot to do with the paint we used and the fact that we sprayed it. If your looking to do the same then I highly recommend using the same single stage paint because it was so nice being able to apply all 3 coats at the same time and be done with it! The best part is they have TONS of colors!



Paint Booth


Spray Gun

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