Brandy & Justin Hawaiian Elopement

Brandy & Justin Hawaiian Elopement

Brandy & Justin Hawaiian Elopement

I have always dreamed of visiting Hawaii and these beautiful people made that dream a reality! Even better, they are lucky enough to live in this wonderful paradise. Sometimes, love can be found far from home and bring you to places that you never could have imagined for your future. Such was the case for Brandy & Justin. 

I am always inspired by love found over seas so I asked Brandy to share a short summary of their love story:

Justin was stationed in Germany and I recently moved there with my mom to work and travel. It was the weekend before Halloween and the country bar in town was having their Halloween party. One of his friends actually invited me out, but once him and I started to talk, I knew he was something special. Once he got an assignment in Hawaii, we decided to make the move together. Now we have two beautiful girls, and a cool pup named Remi!

They celebrated their love bright an early with a hike up to the top of the crouching lion hike. As the sun crested over the horizon they said their vows as I fought back tears. It was such a privilege to be a part of their beautiful love story. Congratulations Brandy and Justin!

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