All right. So I’ve done it. I’ve made up my mind to travel the world as long as I can, starting in June 2018. Even though it is slightly far away and I have yet to buy any tickets, I am 100% positive I will be doing this.

Over the past few months I have started to panic a bit about getting too deep in the wedding photography business and my life in Florida. I felt that I was going to get stuck and never accomplish those grand adventures my heart has desired so fiercely. I would go back and forth trying to convince myself that my career would help me travel, and in a way it was the truth. However, not exactly in the way I wanted, and deep down I new this. So one day while talking with one of my fellow globetrotters, I had a realization. If I don’t just go, and go now, I would never achieve my dream of long-term travel.

I was sick of the quick little trips around the US and even one to Iceland. They never left me feeling as fulfilled as I was hoping, instead the left me feeling empty and slightly depressed to be back to my “Normal Life”. I needed to really do it. Save up my money, sell my car, and GO.

So that is exactly what I will be doing. Starting in Thailand to teach English and working my way through Indonesia, India and Europe and to finish it off the place that started it all, South America. The order and plans could easily change, and most likely will. However, one thing is certain; I will be going, and it will all be documented right here. I will be sharing my crazy adventures with all of you through my photos and my writing! So please buckle up, there is going to be some turbulence!

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Emilie did an amazing job our NYE 2017 wedding! She was great to work with and I really appreciate her being flexible with her schedule since I needed to book for her 12+ hrs on our big day. I loved how our pictures turned out. She got some really amazing sunset and full moon pictures. The photo package with the wedding photo booth, album, engagement shoot and etc was perfect, fit exactly everything that I needed and more. Overall I would highly recommend Emilie and Big World photography for anyone’s special day!


Emilie is the best in the business! Choosing her as our photographer for our wedding photos was the best decision we made. She made the whole process enjoyable, natural, and FUN!! She is a joy to work with. In addition to her spunky and witty personality, her work exceeded our expectations. She has a true natural talent for photography and was able to capture every special moment that meant the world to us. Her communication was consistent, effective, and efficient. Her precision to detail is amazing. If you want the most authentic, unique, and fun photos in town, she is your person. One conversation with her and you'll be hooked. Thank you, Emilie! We love you and can't wait for future photo sessions!


I can’t tell you how much I would recommend Emilie! She is a beautiful person inside and out. I had a boudoir photo shoot with her. She made me feel so comfortable. The preview of the photos I’ve seen look amazing. She has a wonderful eye for details. On the Wedding day I was running late and couldn’t not get my hair to do anything. Emilie put her camera down and did my hair AMAZING! I could not have imagined my photographer would pick up how stressed I was getting and fix my hair lol. She was on top of the entire wedding. She was able to manage our big families and get every shot I wanted and more. I told Emilie when we first spoke the two most important things for me at our wedding was my dress and the photos. She definitely delivered! This was a destination wedding and Emilie made everything easy and stress free. If you need a photographer you need Big World Photography!


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