Chelsea & Micheal Florida Country Club Wedding
April 9, 2019
Wedding Photography

As soon as I met Chelsea, I knew we were going to get along. We went online couch shopping together to pick out the perfect couch for her wedding day. Not something that you do every day, and from that moment I knew they were going to be so fun to photograph on their wedding day. 

Chelsea and Micheal had this energy about them that everyone present that day could feel from across the room. Easy going and completely in love. The day was beautiful, full of laughter and good memories. I am honored I had the opportunity to tell the story of their big day.

About Me

Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker