Jen & Matt Florida Seaside Wedding
April 9, 2019
Wedding Photography

Jen and Matt are the epitome of love. I could tell that Matt was Jen’s rock. After a mini pre wedding jitters panic attack during prep, she was read to go see her groom. As soon as she was with him all of her fears and worries just disappeared. She was going to be just fine now that she was with her rock, her soul mate, her partner in crime for life. 

The day was one of clouds, despite being in the sunshine state, but that didn’t get them down at all. They embraced it together and had one of the most lovely days ever. I had such a good time getting to know these two and their love story. 

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Born and raised in Florida, I love the ocean, but I hate the sand. Adventure and the possibility of new opportunity fuels my fire, but I have to return home from time to time to visit the fam and get big cuddles from our dog Easton!
-Emilie Becker