The Secret to Trash The Dress Photos
November 30, 2020
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Y​ou have probably heard of people doing a trash the dress before and maybe you have even thought about how you would never “trash” something you spent so much money on. I totally get it! I’m not sure I could really do that either, but the good news is a trash the dress session doesn’t actually have to ruin your dress for good!


T​here are a few really amazing options that allow for some killer out of the ordinary photos and some really fun and memorable moments with your partner, that won’t actually “trash your dress”.



Get wet!


My personal favorite, (being a Florida girl and all) is anything to do with the beach and the ocean! Think mermaid bride, because who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid princess? Getting in the water with that gorgeous dress flowing all around you is sure to make you feel like one!




Get Sandy


R​olling around in the sand can be fun too. Like some sort of steamy movie scene where the girl gets rescued by the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, followed by an intense beach make out sesh as the waves crash in the background. Okay maybe not THAT dramatic but you get the picture, right?




Go Under the Surface


I​f your photographers got that capabilities you can go all the way under the surface of the waves and really become the mermaid you’ve always dreamed of being! There is something so magical about your hair flowing around your face and your dress flowing freely making you and your partner truly weightless below the surface. An underwater session will definitely result in memories and stunning photographs to be cherished forever!


T​he best part about these options for your trash the dress session, is that with a little baking soda and water your dress will be good as new! There is still some slight risk of course, but once you see the reward it will all be worth it!




I​f you really want to go all the way and add a little color to your dress paint and Holi powder can be an explosive and mega fun way to trash the dress… just don’t expect to be washing it out anytime soon. If your down for the destruction though, it’s on my bucket list so get in touch, and we will see what kind of crazy ways we can “trash your dress”!


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