Two Benefits of a First Look
February 3, 2021
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The days of strict traditional weddings are slowly fading out and one of the newer trends that have come around are breaking the age old tradition of not seeing the bride before the ceremony. This trend is called a first look. It’s a specific time set aside for the bride and groom to share a moment together before the ceremony. 

Now you may be extremely against this or simply wondering why? Some may think it is all about the photos and that is why it turns them away but it’s so much more than that. There a two main reasons why a first look can be an excellent idea for your wedding day.




Creates a beautiful and intimate moment


When you walk down the isle and your husband to be sees you for the first time you will probably take his breath away. He will relish at how he came to be with such an amazing and beautiful woman and feel lucky he is about to promise forever to you. But he won’t be able to express any of this as he feels it. You will be given away and have to stand in front of all of your guests to begin the actual marriage process. Skipping over his initial reaction of seeing you.


With a first look you are given a chance as a couple, to enjoy each other privately, and marvel at the beauty of what you are about to do. Without all eyes looking towards you expectantly. 


You will get to hear your future husband tell you how extraordinarily beautiful you are as he takes you into his arms. You will get to feel the excitement of the day and remember the reason why you are here, because of the love between you two. 


And of course all of these beautifully intimate moments will be captured for you tot elite forever. Adding to the personal and emotional story of your wedding photos. 

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Allows for more time flexibility in your schedule


You will be surprised how little time there is to accommodate everything you want to do on your wedding day. Photographs can be one of the most time consuming but also a very important part of preserving the memory’s of your wedding day. After all It’s not every day you get to have all of your friends and family in one place and have a professional photographer on hand! 


Your going to want to have a photo with everyone that matters to you, and you’ll be surprised how quickly that eats away at your time. A first look is an excellent way to make the most of that time.


If you wait until after the ceremony to do all of your photos you will only have an hour long window while your guests are enjoying cocktail hour to do all of your family, bridal party and personal wedding photos. This can add unwanted time stress resulting in a less enjoyable experience as well as cut down on the ability to have those beautiful intimate photos of just you and your partner. 


If you choose do a first look, this is an excellent way to give yourself some extra time to get all of your bridal party and even some of your family photos out of the way. Resulting in more time for your formals as a married couple after the ceremony, and may even free up some time for you to join in on the cocktail hour for a bit! 


When deciding if a first look is for you think about what is more important. If you really want to stay traditional and wait for that first look to be you walking down the isle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all it is your big day and it should include what is most important to you and your partner. 


If your still looking for a way to have that intimate moment before the ceremony, without spoiling that first look, there is an option for you! It is called a “first touch”. This option allows you and your partner can hold hands and exchange some meaningful words, separated by a wall or a door so you don’t spoil the surprise! 


Whether a first look or a first touch is for you or not your wedding day is sure to be magical. If time is your biggest worry, check out my post about how to plan a day of timeline.