Why Elopement Style Weddings Are Trending

L​ife as we know it has changed drastically this year. As social distancing becomes the norm and online services are trending everyone is feeling the effects of this global pandemic and we are doing our best to adjust to this new way of life.


Just because the world has been put on pause, does not mean that love stops.


There are still plenty of people out there who were either scheduled to be married when all hell broke lose, or are even getting engaged now! As we all know, love knows no boundaries.




What does this new world mean for those couples looking to start their lives together and declare their love for each other?


S​ome are opting to wait until things come back to some sort of semblance of normal. Others who may be slightly less patient (as I would be!) are opting for a more intimate way of tieing the knot by elopeing.


Elopements have been gaining traction in recent years before this global crisis but now they have become even more appealing to those looking to celebrate their love. Don’t get me wrong, just because you can’t have a grand celebration with tons of people doesnt mean you have to run to the courthouse sign some papers and forget about the whole thing.




E​loping can be so much more beautiful than that and can create a beautiful moment for you and your special someone to remember for the rest of your lives together.


T​here is a reson that elopeing has been becoming more popular even before this whole big pandemic mess, and here’s why.


F​irst, I have to ask you a question. Why are you getting married?

Because, you have found the love of your life, your other half, and you can’t imagine another moment in your life without them? Because, this person makes you so happy and you want to celebrate that happiness with the world?



The premise of a wedding is about declaring your love for each other, in front of all the other people you care about. While I can respect that, I think there’s a more sacred part to marriage that gets overlooked with a traditional wedding.


W​hen planning a wedding, it can become stressful. There are so many little pieces to the puzzle, and you want EVERYTHING to be perfect. You get so caught up in all these little details that you forget the real reason you’re even doing all this in the first place. To declare your love to each other!


L​ove isn’t about what color scheme will look best, the center pieces at the reception or which prestigious venue you pick. Love is about two people coming together to make a perfect team. Two halves making a whole.


L​ove is about climbing to the top of the world and shouting about it. It’s about running through a field of flowers laughing so hard your sides start to split. It’s about you and your partner.


S​o why stress about center pieces and venues? Instead, take your most beloved and 2 or even 20 people, (that feel comortable social distancing for a bit) and go out into the most beautiful venue out there, Mother Nature to declare your love to each other.


C​ouples all over the world are starting to see the beauty to intimacy on their wedding day and deciding to profess their love to each other with the one who invented love first, the mother of all creation.


Now that is the first reason, but I would be cheating you and myself, if I didn’t say there was another reason behind this trend. The pictures!


I know that pictures are not everything, but let’s be honest, You’re going to hire a photographer to capture your big day right? Now ask yourself, why are you hiring a photographer?


I​s it to take pictures of your wedding day and to tell a story of the day by to capturing the details such as the cake and the center pieces and the ceremony site and all your guests, and the dances and the toasts and on and on and on.




Is it tell your love story? The story of you and your partner, together, the day you said your vows through your tears on top of your favorite picnic spot as the wind blew through your hair, and he wiped the tears from your face.



W​hich one sounds more romantic, more authentic, more like you and your love with your partner?


I​f you say the first one then, hey, I’m not here to judge, to each their own. But, I think a lot more people are starting to realize that the latter is what they want their wedding to look like. Both during and after this pandemic is over and in the beautiful pictures and memories they have to keep of the happiest day of their lives.


Are you ready to celebrate your love the way it’s meant to be? Then give me a shout, because I’d love to hear from you! I am currently taking elopement bookings all over the United States!



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