6 Breath Taking Places To Elope In Arizona

Every state has features that make it beautiful and special. I’ve always been drawn to the red rock and cacti of Arizona, which is part of the reason I decided to make it the first stated I’d live in when I left Florida. After taking some time to do some exploring, I have put together a list of places that I think would be a totally EPIC elopement location.

As a result of these locations being explored by me most of the images are simply photos I have taken on my own personal adventures.

01. Lake Powell Page, Az

There are so many diverse and beautiful landscapes by Lake Powell which makes it such a great place to elope because there is so much room for uniqueness. So many popular elopement destinations have a few really popular bucket list backdrops for photos, resulting in so many of the same photos. If your looking for a stunning jaw dropping, mars looking elopement backdrop then you should seriously consider Lake Powell!

02. Saguaro National Park

T​his is actually the only place on this list that I haven’t actually been yet but, it is next on my list! I am obsessed with the saguaro cacti as they only grow in a certain part of the country and are so big and majestic looking. I like to call them picture perfect cacti, because if you look at all the trendy pictures and drawings of cacti they are always this type of cactus.

Y​our elopement day is bound to be on point at this destination!

03. Horseshoe Bend

T​here’s no doubt that Horseshoe Bend is a unique location. It is a short and simple hike making it a really good option if you aren’t looking to do any crazy hiking or for intimate weddings with guests that wouldn’t be able to accompany you on a traditional hike. This location is beautiful at golden hour but tends to get a bit crowded around sunset, if you’re looking to beat the crowds consider a sunrise hike instead!

04. Monument Valley

When I used to day dream about Arizona the landscape at monument valley is what I pictured. The monuments themselves make for an excellent backdrop for any photo and your elopement would be no exception! ​The best part is that it is a HUGE park and there are many opportunities for a beautiful backdrop while still having the intimacy of it being just you and your guests.

05. Cathedral Rock, Sedona

L​ooking to be more traditional without going as far as getting married in a church? Consider a more natural cathedral made out of red rock! Sedona in general is hands down my favorite place in Arizona. It’s spirituality and healing properties really speak to me, if you’ve ever been to Sedona you know what I’m talking about!

C​athedral rock can be a more intense hike if you are planning on going all the way to the top so it would not be the best for grandma, but is a great option for a sunrise hike just the two of you to the top and an intimate wedding ceremony in the evening on the lower levels

06. The Grand Canyon

L​ast but definitely not least, the grandest location of them all! The Grand canyon gives many location and hiking options that there is something that works for everyone. The north rim is more secluded and is a great option for a summer elopement on one of the back trail hikes. If you’re really dedicated you can even hike down into the canyon!

F​or something a bit more low key and in the cooler months of the year the south rim has many options and easy hikes that would be suitable for an intimate wedding and easily accessible for all your guests!

Arizona has some of the most unique landscapes as well as a lot of diversity, from pine tree forests in the north to saguaro spotted desserts in the south there is so much beauty to be enjoyed, making it an excellent state to plan an adventure elopement in! If you are thinking about eloping in Arizona, then I would love to help, click the button to reach out!

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